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The Process of Water Purification

by chasthrpr

Water purification in your household and not only should be very important. We should all be careful about the water we drink and the water we bath or wash with. The same way you protect your washing machine from calcium deposits, the same way we have to learn to take care of our bodies.

Just because we do not see it immediately it does not mean we are not affected by water that is not purified. There are several water purifiers, water softeners and water purification systems that we can choose from.

Purifying water is essential because it removes chemicals and bacteria as well as minerals like calcium and magnesium. A water purifier can remove all the bacteria without removing chemicals and minerals.

A water softener will remove the calcium and magnesium that are considered hardening minerals, but will not take care of the chemicals and bacteria. If each of them is specifically design to achieve one thing in the process of water purification it does not mean that water cannot be purified.

One thing to remember is that the tap water you have is already treated and some of the impurities, bacteria and chemicals are already removed. Because from the treating place to your house water still has a long way to travel through the plumbing system some new bacteria and other impurities from the plumbing system are carried by the water.

Thus even though water was treated and cleaned it can still appear dirty, cloudy and even have an odour. To get rid of all of these or at least most of them you have to use a water purification system in your house. You can select one that is installed in your kitchen, bathroom or both, or you can select a more performing one installed at the main water pipe outside your house. All these systems use different processes to purify water. Different processes let you obtain purified water at different levels.

Even though water purification is actually the method of eliminating impurities from the untreated water there is no way to get the purified water in the households and have the same level of purity. This is way the industry developed a series of water purifiers to help individual households as well as other industries like the chemical or pharmaceutical industries where it is extremely important to have water with no impurities.

The most common methods to achieve purified water are the filtration, the water softening, the reverse osmosis, the carbon filtration, the ultraviolet filtration, distillation and boiling. While boiling may prove to be a method that manages to eliminate just a few of the bacteria, distillation manages to make almost 100 percent's pure water.

The reverse osmosis filtration method is getting more and more popular as well as the use of more performing systems that have several filters in place, each of them being responsible for a set of impurities that exist in the water. There are also portable water purifiers on the market. These give you the chance of purifying your drinking water if you are in areas where water safety can be a problem. Nowadays, because of the high level of pollution, not even the spring rivers are safe enough any more.

Drinking water and cooking water should be obtained with the help of water purifier systems. These systems should have filters for removing microscopic particles like calcium carbonate and even rust that comes off from the pipes, filters for removing sediments, activated carbon filters for eliminating chemicals and a reverse osmosis filter. Also more advanced systems offer an ultraviolet light intended to neutralize any escaping impurities.

Having at least a water purifier system is important especially if you live in rural areas or in areas where there are water problems. Even in the city where water is available all the time, the quality of it is not as is should and people should take extra precautions when using it. An investment in a water purification system is in fact an investment in your health and your estate.


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