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Restaurants not using water filters warned - 21 January 2010

ABU DHABI - Restaurants which do not use water filters will face penalties, ranging from issuance of notices to closure, a senior official of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has said.
By Ahmed Abdul Aziz


No proof of danger’ from Bay water despite health risks - 27 July 2009
THERE was “no proof of any danger to the health of consumers” from the water in Nelson Mandela Bay, Water and Environmental Affairs Minister Buyelwa Sonjica told the National Assembly.

Replying to a written question from Annette Lovemore of the DA, the minister said this was “despite the health risks of extreme and prolonged exposure” to aluminium and trihalomethane (THM) in the water. Sonjica said the department would, however, closely monitor the situation and the system would be audited next month “to authenticate the required improvements” being carried out by the municipality.

The minister said THM was sometimes a by-product of the disinfectant process when chlorine was used for disinfection and the final water contained organic compounds. THM levels that exceeded the South African national standard had been recorded in the western portion of the Port Elizabeth water supply between July last year and March this year.

“Even though this situation has improved to acceptable levels over the last few months, it is noted that infrastructure refurbishment is required to ensure greater sustainability of the process.”

Sonjica said tests performed on animals by scientists affiliated to the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicated that continued (extended) exposure to food or water containing THMs “could have tumour formation possibilities”.

She said another treatment facility in the water supply network of Nelson Mandela Bay was using alum dosing as part of its coagulation process – the removal of suspended solids.

“The WHO stipulates that health implications of aluminum exposure in drinking water depends on various factors, but states in 2004 guidelines that the total oral aluminium exposure through drinking water must be less than 5%.

“Yet more stringent drinking water quality limits will be applied as a precautionary measure and will be enforced. Extensive exposure to aluminum is thought to have Alzheimer disease effects.” read more ...
NELSON Mandela Bay‘s drinking water received a qualified thumbs up - 13 May 2009

The quality of water was described as “very good” with a score of 99 per cent, in accordance with the criteria set under South African national standards. However, it was the only one out of six metropolitan municipalities which failed to achieve Blue Drop status, awarded for complete water quality monitoring.

Though the Bay failed to win the Blue Drop Certificate, the first annual Blue Drop South African Drinking Water Quality Report said “the performance of the drinking water quality management at most water treatment works within the Nelson Mandela metropolitan municipality is very good”. By Sipho Masondo HERALD REPORTER

 read more ...
SA faces 'major water crisis' - 20 March 2009
"South Africa is currently experiencing a threat with regards to polluted water sources, poor management of dams, sewerage works and treatment plants.

Polluted water, poor management of dams and deteriorating infrastructure could lead to a major water crisis in South Africa, a Durban-based water researcher warned on Friday.

"Water authorities and government need to address this issue urgently. Adequate clean water supply is a backbone of a successful economy and therefore should be regarded as a priority area of funding by government." -- SAPA  read more ...
Water management device installed in Mayor's home - 16 March 2009
To help save water, Executive Mayor Helen Zille had a new City water management device installed in her home this week. The device provides a specific daily amount of water to her household.

So far, the devices have been installed in over 30 000 homes throughout Cape Town free of charge (on a voluntary basis, and after consultation with owners) to help residents avoid running up huge bills through excessive use or leaks. They are set
to switch on at a fixed time every morning and only switch off once the household has used its set quota of water for the day.

If households use less than their quota in a day the amount that isn't used is carried over to the next day. For example, if only 250 litres are used in one day, the balance of 100 litres is carried over to the next day, giving the household a total of 450 litres for that day.

The device ensures that households receive their free 6 000 litres of water per month, and also allows them to increase this to an additional amount according to what they commit to paying.  read more ...
S.Africa cholera outbreak 'declining' - 10 March 2009

A cholera outbreak in South Africa is being brought under control after 59 people died and more than 12,000 were infected since November, the health department said on Monday. 

"Cholera started to develop in South Africa as a consequence of general living conditions and unsafe water supplies," Health Minister Barbara Hogan told a press briefing. By (AFP)

 read more ...
Not always up to scratch, but it‘s safe to drink - 26 February 2009

Johannesburg – South Africa‘s water might not always be up to standard, but it is safe to drink, the department of water affairs and forestry said yesterday.

“The department acknowledges that the water might at times not meet the required technical standard, according to our management systems (electronic water quality management and drinking water quality regulation),” it said. – Sapa

 read more ...
Cholera patient treated in E Cape - 22 February 2009

Mthatha - A 44-year-old woman is being treated for cholera in the Nelson Mandela Academic hospital in the Eastern Cape, provincial health department said on Saturday. By- - SAPA

 read more ...
New docs to help fight cholera - 07 February 2009


Nelspruit - Mpumalanga health MEC Fish Mahlalela officially welcomed 455 new health professionals on Friday, some of whom are expected to help in the fight against cholera.

Since the outbreak was first detected in the province on January 9, the number of cases has risen to 4 469, while 26 people have died.

"Their presence will undoubtedly assist and we are determined to do everything possible to retain them after serving their compulsory internship and community service contracts," said Mahlalela. By Sydney Masinga

 read more ...
No Cholera in Nelson Mandela Bay - 04 February 2009

 A 24-hour surveillance programme is currently in place to ensure that the drinking water in Nelson Mandela Bay does not contain the deadly Cholera bacteria.

This proactive step was conceptualized by the Environmental Health Sub-directorate shortly after reports of positive notifications in neighbouring Zimbabwe made the international headlines.

 read more ...
First cholera fatality in Mpumalanga - 16 January 2009
Johannesburg – Mpumalanga has recorded its first cholera death, a health spokesman said yesterday.

Provincial spokesman Mpho Gabashane said the South African woman died on January 5 but the department waited for the results of a cholera test before concluding she had died of the disease.

Limpopo province has recorded nearly 2000 cholera cases and nine deaths while suspected cases in Gauteng stand at 162, with three deaths. The Western Cape has had seven cases and KwaZulu Natal six cases, with no deaths. – Sapa  read more ...
Tap water is safe, says Jo'burg Water - 13 January 2009
Tap water in Johannesburg is still safe to drink, contrary to hoax emails warning people otherwise, the city's water utility said on Tuesday.-SAPA read more ...
Two more cholera cases put Gauteng total at 28 - 09 January 2009
TWO more cholera cases have been confirmed in Gauteng, bringing the total number of cases to 28.

An additional five people are suspected of having contracted the disease and are being treated.By Sashni Pather and Sapa read more ...
Zimbabwe cholera fears grow as rains peak - 05 January 2009
Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic, which has killed more than 1,600 people, could get worse as the rainy season peaks, its health minister said on Monday...Reporting by Nelson Banya; Editing by Giles Elgood read more ...
New cholera outbreak coming - 17 December 2008

THERE could be a fresh outbreak of cholera in South Africa when thousands of Zimbabwean immigrants return to this country after the Christmas holidays, a humanitarian-aid organisation warned yesterday. By Thabo Mkhize

 read more ...
SA's ticking water bomb - 14 December 2008

South Africa's water crisis was "like a ticking time bomb" waiting to explode. "All the signs are there," said Deon Nel, the manager of the World Wide Fund for Nature's Sanlam Living Waters Partnership. By Eleanor Momberg

 read more ...
The Importance of Pure Water - 12 December 2008

We all know that water is important. Pure spring water has a healing effect on the body. But not all water is created equal. There are a few simple rules to getting the greatest benefit out of your daily water rations.

 read more ...
Cholera Crisis - 09 December 2008
The disease has led to another international call for urgent intervention in Zimbabwe, as the United Nations reports that 13 960 cholera cases have been reported, causing 589 deaths since August, by December 5. read more ...
Bay sewage contamination shock - 05 December 2008
SHOCKING levels of raw sewage contamination in Nelson Mandela Bay‘s water supplies were revealed yesterday.By Tabelo Timse read more ...
SA tap water 'among the best' - 05 December 2008

"We we have great confidence in the quality of the tap water reticulated in our cities and bigger towns," Manus Luyanda Makapela

 read more ...
Seventh cholera death in Musina - 03 December 2008
Musina - Farmers in Limpopo fear for their health and crops after it was confirmed on Tuesday that the Limpopo River is contaminated with cholera.By..Sydney Masinga & Frans van der Merwe read more ...
Musina water free of cholera - 26 November 2008
According to a statement posted on Reliefweb, his office said he was "distressed at the collapse of health, sanitation and education services, and the consequent rapidly escalating cholera outbreak. read more ...
Controversy over water report - 22 November 2008
Poor water quality was threatening economic growth, Turton was also reported to have planned to say his presentation.
By:- SAPA  read more ...
The quality of drinking water in several areas in Nelson Mandela Bay is a health hazard. - 29 October 2008
It showed that only 10,4 per cent of water sampled was acceptable for drinking.
Tabelo Timse read more ...
Real Simple recomend Drinking Filtered Water - 28 October 2008
About 50 percent of all people in Africa suffer from water-related diseases such as cholera and infant diarrhoea. In South Africa water pollution and misuse are also widespread.
Written by Bridget Mcnulty read more ...
Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water - 16 October 2008
Bottled water contains disinfection byproducts, fertilizer residue, and pain medication October 2008 read more ...
A New Dig at Bottled Water - 15 October 2008
By Jack Healy read more ...
Poisoned water scare for millions in Durban - 15 October 2008
Mhlaba Memela read more ...
Minister pledges to fight for better health - 14 October 2008
Many of the deaths of the 140 babies in the Ukhahlamba district (in the Eastern Cape) were caused by the poor quality of the water in that district.
October 14 2008 at 08:29AM read more ...
SA water quality is fast deteriorating - 22 September 2008
'This is a national crisis of note'
"The original work for that was done in the 1980s in massive programmes based at the CSIR," says Turton. "Those programmes generated many PhD graduates, but also did the primary science on which future management will be based.

By Sheree Béga read more ...
Pure SA Site Launch - 17 August 2008

Pure SA water filters have been distributed into the South African market for well over 10 year now. Our product reliability, service and continued availability of replacement filters has taken us to the forefront of Water purification system in South Africa.

Our web site is one aspect of our business, from which we hope to effectively serve new South African clients.

Tap water in northwest is 'safe' - 18 April 2008
Written by Lesego Madumo
Friday, 18 April 2008 read more ...
SA has drinking water problems - 20 June 2006
Many of South Africa's municipalities do not have budgets big enough to properly manage the quality of drinking water they supply.- SAPA read more ...
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